Our facials are designed around four different skin profiles – balancing rejuvenating purifying soothing. Your facial will be tailored to your skin type and preferences.



  • Even skin tone, with fine to average pore size
  • May have enlarged pores with T-zone oiliness
  • Occasional breakouts
  • Some blackheads


Sensitive Skin

  • May have surface capillaries and flaky patches
  • Can feel irritated and itchy
  • Can appear blotchy
  • Allergic reactions are common
  • Flushed and red easily


Dry Mature Skin

  • Needs extra nourishment
  • Some loss of elasticity
  • May have some dry patches
  • Dull complexion / no sheen
  • May have surface capillaries


Oily/Problem Skin

  • Can have oily sheen
  • Breakouts/blemishes
  • Congestion/clogging
  • Allergic reactions are common
  • Open pores, blackheads and redness